About Us

We are E-Pandit!! Our role is like a local Pandit in old days where PanditJi connects eligible Bribe and Groom available in your area. “SearchMyJodi” is a initiative to bring the local community in your country (Singapore) together whose children are eligible for marriage. This is voluntary service to bring such parents on a common platform. Through this platform, your privacy is fully secured.You will not be providing your son/daughters names or your name and it will not be displayed public-ally. Your general profile will be published on the website. This is done in order to secure your personal identity which can be obtained easily from the social media now a days. If you are interested in the profile then you just directly connect by sending the message to other party, once connected, you can start communicating privately. Who we are – My name is Supriy Sengar, the founder of this web site. I have been living in Singapore for more than 19 years. I also have grown up children who will be eligible for marriage soon and that is where i see there is requirement to connect people on a platform, who are looking for Bribes and Grooms for their children with in Singapore or abroad but they are rooted to Singapore in some form or other as SC/PR/EP for a long time. So please come together and contribute for a cause where your privacy is safe until you want to disclose it